Private Lessons, Dance Exams 2023-24 & Competitive 2024-25

Private lessons

Mondays – will run until May 13th , Wednesdays – will run until May 15th 2024.

Dance Exams 2024.

We will be working on dance exams and as soon as we get the dates we will post to let you know. (near end of June or Mid-July. ) There will be extra times scheduled, you may choose to take part or forgo however as we are finally getting back to regular studio times, classes will be created with students put together in the same levels.


We know due to mainly illnesses our season ended up with not much hours in the Fall and had extra rehearsals in the Winter however we will be going back to regular weeknights (and plan to start Choreo end of August and complete all choreo by Dec) for 2024-25. Thank you for attending the extra slots in winter to ensure the dancers away could catch up. Enjoy watching them onstage, and thank you.

We will have a separate part-time team and Full time teams in 24-25. Part-time to be kept to max. 7 hours classes/rehearsals – weeknights / Full time 7+ hrs and will have extra set times. Choreo to be completed in the Fall for part-time and we also hope for full time but with guests there may be added times into Winter. All classes will work thru syllabus work. Dance classes 2-3 depending on team placement a week and scheduled choreo slots. Choreo will be done in November/December and then follow a rehearsal scheduled slot until competitions. No weekend slots after choreo completed (unless requested for Saturdays.) Our contracts will be brought back and designed for both levels. We would love to pre-set Fall classes however we do have to wait for our Queens staff & Mr Diego to get their Fall schedules to complete ours (start of August hopefully) Further details to come after our 30th season is completed.

Auditions Wednesday, June 5th 2024 for the 24-25 season.

4-7yrs 530-610pm, 8-12yrs 615:-710pm and 13+ 7:15-810pm.

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