Summer Classes Competitive 2024

Classes now in portal. We have now created a drop in class section and you must select the dates for attending drop-ins. PRIVATE LESSONS BEGIN THE WEEK OF JULY 15TH!!

Summer Class Schedule July 8th – August 16th. (Classes as usual Aug 5th)

See portal for classes ages 4-7yrs.


5:45-6:30pm Conditioning  (Ages 7+) 

6:30-7:30pm Turns Class 11+yrs

7:30-8:30pm Acro & strength 1 / Acro & strength 2 11+yrs


7:05-7:45 Technique class (ballet) Ages 8-12yrs

7:45-8:25pm Jumps & Turns (Jazz) Ages 8-12yrs


Tap, Hip Hop see portal (ages 4-7yrs)

7:15-7:55pm Acro Ages 8-12yrs


530- 610pm Acro Ages 7-10yrs

6:10-:655pm Stretch & Tech 11+yrs              / 6:10PM  Jumps & Turns Ages 7-10yrs

6:55-7:40pm Jumps Class   11+yrs            / 6:55-7:25pm Tap Ages 7-10yrs

7:40-8:20pm Tap (separate rooms 11+yrs )                      

8:20-9:05pm Open class (different combo styles) 11+yrs

If you want to register for all classes thru summer, we have a Max. Pkg. fee 500.00 email me once registered and will change pricing. (ages 11+ ) (does not include private lessons)

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Summer Classes Begin Monday July 8th, 2024.