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Updated Information for Term 2 (Winter)

An email was sent to Term 1 and New registered students regarding Term 2 and additional zoom options that are running Jan 11th to Jan 21st.

Currently our lockdown is scheduled to finish by January 22nd and we would be able to start in-person classes on Saturday, January 23rd. We will post the revised schedule for Term 2 and 3 on our website shortly. Please check timings before January 23rd of your selected class or classes as a few had to be changed around.

If you were already registered in Term 1 (Fall) you are not required to fill out a new form. If you are registering , adding or changing a class kindly email us to ensure spots are available:

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate thru these unprecedented times, and will continue to keep dancers safe with adhering to local guidelines and protocols.

We cannot wait to see all the students back DANCING!

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