Female Dance Attire:

Pre-Dance: Pink Ballet Shoes, Bodysuit* and Tights*

Tap: Black Tap Shoes and Dancewear*

Jazz: Black Ballet or Jazz Shoes and Dancewear*

Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes, Bodysuit* and Tights*

Lyrical/Contemporary: Foot paws/undezzand Dancewear*

Acro: Bodysuit* and Bare Feet

Hip Hop: Athletic Wear with CLEAN INDOOR RUNNERS

*Any colour of dance attire may be worn for class. If dancers are being entered for exams, you are required to have a black sleeveless bodysuit with proper tights and shoes for your specific style.

Male Dance Attire:

Any colour T-shirt/Tank top, shorts or dance pants and Shoes based on class style.

General Attire:

Hair to be pulled back and off face. No jewelry to be worn with the exception of stud earrings.

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