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Pre Dance: An introduction to dance classes including both Ballet and Jazz styles. Students will work on co-ordination, creative movement and mime while increasing self-confidence.

Attire: Bodysuit, tights and Ballet shoes. Skirt or Tutu optional.

Ballet: Classical Ballet techniques, National Dances, mime, and theory. Students will build strength, flexibility and work on body posture and poise. Ballet is the basis of all forms of Dance.

Pointe* is only offered to the experienced Ballet dancer.

Attire: Bodysuit, tights and ballet shoes. Skirts/Tutu optional.

Jazz: Classes begin with a warm-up to increase strength, flexibility and development of technique. This class will involve isolations, linking steps across the floor and routines.

Attire: Bodysuit, dance shorts (short or long dance top) ,  tights and jazz shoes. (Black preferred)

Tap: Students will learn to make various sounds and to expand on rhythm, timing and counting beats to different types of music.

Attire: Bodysuit, tights (Shorts/skirt optional ) short or long dance top and tap shoes.

 Acro: The class develops flexibility, strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Students will work towards Acrobatics tricks. ( bridges , walkovers.etc.. )

Attire: bodysuit and bare feet. Shorts optional.

Hip Hop: Class begins with stretching then moving towards hip hop moves and combos. Classes are for fun and there is no exam preparation.

Attire: Clothing to stretch and move in with INDOOR clean Runners.

Lyrical/contemp: Classes begin with a warm-up to increase strength, flexibility and development of technique. The class will involve across-the-floor, improvisation and combos.

Attire: Bodysuit or dance shorts/tank top, bare legs and bare feet or lyrical sandals.

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