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January 31, 2023

TK Schedule


Ages for classes: Parent & Tot 1.5-3yrs, Pre Dance 2.5-4yrs, Ballet 4yrs and up, Jazz 4yrs and up, Acro 4.5yrs and up, Tap 4.5yrs and up, Hip Hop 4.5yrs and up, Lyrical/Contemp age 7 and up, Pointe for experienced dancers approved by the teacher. We are using a new registration program so if you have any issues getting into a class please email us and we can add it manually if space permits. Classes with * requires experience. Please email us for entry requirements. director@tkdanceworx.com

Mon Studio 1

Mon Studio 2

Mon Studio 3

Mon Studio 4

Tues Studio 1

Tues Studio 2

Tues Studio 3

Tues Studio 4

Wed Studio 2

Wed Studio 3

Wed Studio 4

Thurs Studio 1

Thurs Studio 3

Thurs Studio 4

Sat Studio 1

Sat Studio 2

Sat Studio 3

Sat Studio 4

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